Technical Marine Service has provided owners with high quality anti-fouling applications for many years, from haul out, removal of old paint, application and handover. Our professional approach at Yacht Marina Marmaris allows owners to be assured of quality and peace of mind.

By applying an anti-fouling paint it will prevent the attachment of fouling organisms, such as barnicles, weeds and slime, to the hull of your boat; a fouled hull can cause serious problems, so prevention is a much better cure.The number of coats that are required depends on the type of anti-foul and general use of your vessel. If sailing/cruising under 20 knots, we would recommend an eroding anti-foul to prevent build up of layers. If cruising over 20 knots, a hard anti-foul would be more suitable, and for racing, an ultra smooth Teflon anti-foul may be the solution.

With a wide range of abrasive material at our disposal and years of experience in this particular field, we can effectively remove all traces of old anti-fouling and leave the surface clean and ready for the application of coatings. We can provide advice based on our experience to help assist you with making the right choice when it comes to choosing your coatings.

Our operatives can ensure that the whole process is completed in the minimum of time and to the best quality.

Anything that needs to be done, we can do:

  • Pressure wash of the hull
  • Strip back old anti-foul (if necessary)
  • Removal and replacement of anodes
  • Anti-foul application (we will recommend the most suitable for the geography, craft and use, and of course colour of your choice)
  • Boat lines if required


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