Dinghy Repair Service

As Technical Marine Service, we service and repair all leading brands of inflatable boats including repair to Avon, Zodiac, Bombard, XM, Narwhal, Yam, Wetline & Plastimo inflatable boats.

Our experienced staff will ensure your inflatable is repaired to a high standard and will finish the job by carrying out a full pressure test to make sure the repairs have been successful. Dingy service maintains all parts of the dingies regardless make or type. Anything that needs to be done, we can do:

  • We will inflate pressure test and carry out any repairs that are be covered in the minimum fee
  • If there are any larger repairs required a quotation will be issued prior to proceeding
  • Our typical completion time from drop off is around 3-4 days
  • Once repairs are complete a full pressure test will be carried out prior to the boat being repacked


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