Osmosis Treatment

Osmosis will eventually occur in any polyester laminate exposed to moisture unless it is treated from new to prevent water penetration. Modern gel coats are very moisture resistant, however being polyester based they will never resist moisture completely. The only effective long-term solution for preventing osmosis is to apply a moisture barrier coating.

Diagnosis of the “osmotic” condition and the decision as to what level of treatment if any is required and when, is made by considering a number of factors.

  • The hull gel coat surface is visually examined for signs of blisters or wicking
  • The liquid content of any blisters is examined and tested
  • The moisture content of the hull is gauged using a moisture meter

Most solvent free epoxy systems require to be applied and cured in controlled temperature and humidity conditions. For this reason generally applications should be carried out inside a workshop or inside a tent. Our team can ensure that the whole process is completed in the minimum of time and to the best quality.

Anything that needs to be done, we can do:

  • Complete hull investigating
  • Moisture check
  • Peeling blister getcoat with "Gelplaner"
  • Steam washing
  • Drying
  • Appling by roller, with 4 to 5 coats epoxy-free solvent giving a total application thickness of approx. 1mm


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